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Thread: Emailing from Access to Outlook using Query and Mailto:

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    Aug 2020

    Emailing from Access to Outlook using Query and Mailto:

    Hi Everyone

    Im trying to output from an access query (or it can be a table but i would need to have a check against another active field in this scenario).. direct to the to: field in outlook.

    I have this in place for a single field in a form using the Application.Followhyperlink function but this wont work in terms of pulling in a full list of email addresses.

    So i have a Query called "AllEmailAddresses" where column 1 is "EmailAddress" and i want to have a button on a form with the click event to attach all the email addresses in that column into outlook in the to: field, semi colon in between obviously

    I am very new to VB so getting this to work is proving a nightmare... can anyone else using there expertise?

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    Here is an example of the code you need from one of my databases

    Dim subject As String, Body As String, EmailAddress As String, sql As String
    Dim rs As Object, recount As Integer, count As Integer, swhere As String
    On Error GoTo errorcatch
    If Me.Extra = -1 Then ' you may not need this as it is a test to see if extra people are included
        sql = "SELECT emailExtraQuery.* " & _
        "FROM emailExtraQuery " & _
        "Where Xtra = -1" & _
        "And email = -1"
        If Me.Year <> "All" Then
            sql = "SELECT emailQuery.* " & _
            "FROM emailQuery " & _
            "Where RenewalYear = " & Me.Year & _
            "And email = -1"
            sql = "SELECT emailall.* " & _
            "FROM emailall " & _
            "Where email = -1"
        End If
    End If
    Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(sql)
    'MsgBox rs.RecordCount
    If rs.RecordCount > 0 Then
    'MsgBox rs.RecordCount
    recount = rs.RecordCount
    For count = 1 To recount
        If Not IsNull(rs![Home e-mail]) Then EmailAddress = EmailAddress & rs![Home e-mail] & ";"
        If Not IsNull(rs![Work e-mail]) Then EmailAddress = EmailAddress & rs![Work e-mail] & ";"
    Next count
    EmailAddress = Left(EmailAddress, Len(EmailAddress) - 1)
    'MsgBox EmailAddress
    DoCmd.SendObject , , , "if you want to send yourself a copy of the email put yor email address here", , EmailAddress, , , True
    End If
    Set rs = Nothing
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description
    Note the true on the end of the docmd.sendobject shows you the email address before trying to send anything.
    If you wish to compose the subject and body of the email prior to sending you can do so using a form to input them first as per the attached database.
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