I'm trying to automate some links in a Publisher table but I cannot seem to get the data from a cell to create the link.
lnktxt will eventually have the full link but I cannot get the data from cell 8 on each row to generate the link. What am I doing wrong?
(Windows 10, Microsoft 365)

Sub AddLink()
Dim conTabl As Table
Dim conCell, lnkCell As Cell
Dim lnktxt As TextRange
lnkCol = 8
With ActiveDocument.Pages(6).Shapes(2)
For Each conCell In .Table.Cells
conCellRow = conCell.Row
If conCellRow > 1 Then 'skip headings
If conCell.Column = 1 Then
lnkCell = .Table.Cells(conCellRow, lnkCol) '<<<< I get anRun-time error 91 error here, I want the text in the cell
lnktxt = lnkCell.TextRange
End If
End If
Next conCell
End With
End Sub