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Thread: Can Outlook VBA Do This For Me?

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    Can Outlook VBA Do This For Me?

    Relatively new to this forum. I'm excited to be here, and hope that members are proud to share their expertise. I am a novice VBA user, having worked mostly in the Excel environment. I have learned and appreciated the power of VBA and everyday I'm finding ways that it could improve my daily processes.

    Here is one. Please tell me if it's a pie in the sky idea, or something that VBA can accomplish.

    I have a large Excel based database that host employees scheduled absences. With so many people relying on these employees, especially now when so many are working out of the facility, many will fail to know that a particular employee is absent. Individuals would have to voluntarily access Excel and pull up the database to query an employee's attendance.

    Every employee used Outlook exclusively. It's likely the first application they open once they login. I'm wondering, with VBA, through Outlook, can a process be created that when a particular user (authorized users only) fires up Outlook, a message pops up, or an email is generated to them, that presents absent employee information to that user.

    Perhaps that's not possible. But perhaps from my machine, I can automatically generate these emails for distributione each morning. I just think that the fact that everyone uses Outlook, its a good way to provide daily information in an automated way, where from the client computer, or from the source.

    If it's possible, perhaps provide a brief explanation of the process, and perhaps some key terms I can Google or online references I can research to get me started.

    Thank you all in advance for your perspectives.

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    First question ... because everyone uses OUTLOOK and presumably EXCEL is available to them ... wouldn't it be easier to simply
    create a mass email in OUTLOOK and attach the updated ABSENT LIST ? Why the extra step/work to create everything in EXCEL ?

    But .. to answer your question ... yes, EXCEL can do that.

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    Outlook VBA could do this, but not without knowing a great deal more about your Excel worksheet that contains the data. You would need to interrogate the worksheet to provide the data then list it for display. I do however agree with 'Logit' that it would make more sense to create an e-mail from Excel and send it to the parties who need to see it.

    If you were going to interrogate the worksheet in Outlook then I would suggest displaying the list in an Outlook Note rather than a message box so that it can be referred to again later in the day.

    If you want help with that then post a sample worksheet (with anonymised data) so that we can see how it is laid out.
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