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Thread: Creating identifying numbers

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    I was thinking about starting a new post for this question but I will start here and see if anyone is able to help

    I have a question about adjusting one of the macros I have in my conversion xlsm files. Should I start a different post or asking in this one is fine?

    I have a macro code below that looks within my xlsm file and replaces text. It has a different excel file it uses to know what to replace. I am having an issue that it is replacing items it should not. I have attached the xls files it uses to know what to replace and the raw data file that it searches.

    The issue is it is searching all the columns. I only need it to search column D for "Call ReplaceAllSheets(Worksheets("Data").Range("A1"))". Then for both "Call ReplaceAllSheets(Worksheets("Data").Range("D1")) and Call ReplaceAllSheets(Worksheets("Data").Range("G1")) it only needs to look in column C. It is replacing items in the wrong column. How can I restrict it to only search column D for products and only search column C for customers?

    I attached the module exported within the .zip. I also attached the XLSM file I paste all the text into and then run the macros.

    Thanks all


    I was wondering if you have played around with this project? Anything you needed?

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    That link refers to post 100. From what I see post 100 completes the task of deleting the rows with stores I do not need and also adding a 9 in front of the credit identification number. I dont know much about the code but I dont see anything that might help with the replace module, does that also have within it restrictions about using the replace module? They are ran at different times and it can not be combined if so.

    What I am asking now is a task that is completed from within a xlsm file I use for converting. That is used after I fix the credit number and delete stores I do not need.

    I attached a xlsm file that is filled with raw data. I then use the "runall" macro to do all the conversions. During this time is when it is searching within the wrong columns. I need to restrict where it looks when doing the replacing.

    In column B is the invoice numbers. Column D is the products. I have one product with the name of "85". So if the invoice number has a 85 within it is changing that also. Needs to only do product replacements in column D and only do store replacements in column C
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    I am going to start a new post for my last question I asked in post 101. This post is focusing on the project as a whole. I just need help with the one replace module.

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