I need to send 7 emails everyday from Sun evening through Thurs evening with each email going to a different mailing list. Each email will have about 100 attachments unique to that email, two of which are created the day of, the others will remain constant day to day but new ones may be added/existing ones removed on any given day. Attachments are a combo of excel sheets and pdfs. I've managed to record a macro in in excel to generate these attachments that are created the day of. Subject line of each will vary slightly and needs to have the following days date ie - today is wed 9/16, subject for tonights email needs to be "Sales Sheet 9-17 US", another needs to be "Sales Sheet 9-17 Canada" etc. Also, semi-obvious, but only want that corresponding days attachments ie - in tonights emails I need the 9/17 version of attachment A & B, but not the 9/16 and older versions of attachment A & B. Finally, I need to put a quick blurb in the body of the email.

Is all of this possible/how to do it?