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Thread: Get outlook reminders for multiple people from Excel to Outlook

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    Get outlook reminders for multiple people from Excel to Outlook


    I'm struggling to find a solution. My task is to create a macro that will send reminders to people in my teams with tasks they need to complete on a daily basis this week.

    I have created a simple table with headers that can be used in the macro:

    Calendar Name Subject Location Body Category Start Start Time End End Time Reminder

    I also have a separate Table with a drop down where people can select their names and see their names and tasks assigned to them.
    So firstly, they will select their name sand see their tasks and then they will run a macro to get their reminders.

    Can you advise on how to write this code?

    Thanks in advance,

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    1) Posting Code
    (or paste your code, select it, click # button)

    2) Uploading File(s)
    Go Advanced / Attachments - Manage Attachments / Add Files / Select Files / Select the file(s) (multiple files can be selected while holding Ctrl key) / Upload Files / Done
    Replace company specific / sensitive / confidential data. Include so many rows and sheets etc in the uploaded workbook to enable the helpers visualize the data and table structure. Helpers do not need the entire workbook.

    3) Testing the Codes
    always back up your files before testing the codes.

    4) Marking the Thread as Solved
    from Thread Tools (on the top right corner, above the first message)

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