Dear experts

Good day , need your great help

Actually I am planning to write some VBA script to facilitate my work
I receive many emails a day and some emails with below

  1. The subject is fixed format like “Order abc111 “
  2. With an Html attachment file whose content will be like “Final price 123”

I want to write a script that when I receive this kind of email, It will

  1. Find out all emails with subject contain “Order abc111” and its Html format attachment containing the words “final price “
  2. Forward this email to another email address and also save the final price into a specific excel/text file

Your link above is a good reference to my idea , but I am still stuck at

  1. How to read the html format attachment content ( getobject ?? )
  2. How to forward the that email with VBA ?

Can someone teach me some hint?
Much appreciate