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Thread: Access and multiple user form - basic questions

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    Access and multiple user form - basic questions

    I have posted this project in help on projects will excel or any other software but haven't received any advice as yet . On looking I want to have a user form that multiple users can fill in request and this gets saved into a spread sheet or DB
    Can this be done in Access ? I have seen that a DB can be split into front end ( Access user form) and back end ( access DB) . The front end would have to be placed on the desktop of 40 networked pc .
    Basic questions are :
    • Do the 40 pc have to have access installed ?
    • Only those that are collating the data would have to have the access lic ( its a $ issue ) is this correct ?
    • can more than one user hit / access the form at the same time given the file is on the desk top

    very introductory questions hope someone can provide guidance or where to find additional info

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    See my response in other question.
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