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Thread: Variable from procedure to use in a sub

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    Variable from procedure to use in a sub

    I want the procedure to select a random slide and pass it to a sub and as the show goes through the slides, it identifies the said slide.
    MS Powerpoint 2019
    Windows 10 home
    screenshot attached

    The order shown is my best attempt at showing the variable which changes on each slide.

    I have a procedure that selects a random slide.
    I have assigned that result a variable and then tried to use it in a sub that identifies slides but the variable WILL NOT remain the same through the slide show, which I need to happen.

    I am using message boxes to show the values and have tried umpteen different ways and locations for msgBox's

    Code is CURRENTLY as follows.
    Public Function randomSlideNumber() As Integer
       Dim index
       Static intDJ As Integer
       Dim targetValues(1 To 29) As Integer
    targetValues(1) = 1
    targetValues(2) = 2
    targetValues(3) = 3
    targetValues(4) = 4
    targetValues(5) = 5
     index = Int(5 * Rnd + 1)
    randomSlideNumber = targetValues(index)
    intDJ = randomSlideNumber
    MsgBox ("Double Jeopary Slide Number is " & intDJ)
    End Function
    Public Sub OnSlideShowPageChange()
        Dim i As Integer
             i = ActivePresentation.SlideShowWindow.View.CurrentShowPosition
                If i = 3 Then
                   Exit Sub
                            Dim intDJ As Integer
                            intDJ = randomSlideNumber
                End If
    MsgBox ("Slide No: " & i & Chr(13) _
             & "      intDJ: " & intDJ)
    End Sub
    thank you in advance
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