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Thread: VBA/Macro to insert rows based on drop downlist selection

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    VBA/Macro to insert rows based on drop downlist selection

    I'm not sure how or get this to work.
    I would like to add 3 rows based on a selection from a drop down list or would it be better to use a macro to ask which selection/name and then to insert 3 rows.
    Once the rows have been inserted the firs row should be the Name that was selcted in bold and a border around the 3 rows everytime it get inserted and the the two of the rows should have info based on the name that was selected from the drop down list.
    There will be a list of different selections so would it be better to make a data sheet and then the info can be autofilled to the specific rows.
    Also everytime you make a selection the 3 rows that get added will have to continue from the last row that was added. So every 3rd row will have a dropdown list.
    I have attached a file
    Thanks in advance
    JetTest 1 VBA.xls

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    My apologies

    The following site have the same question added:


    Hope thats all the sites.

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    Re: Hope thats all the sites.
    Do you want us to go and check all these sites to see if someone has used their hard to get free time to help you and then see if there might be a site that you forgot?

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    Yes, this is a very interesting question.

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    Could one of the mods kindly remove this thread?

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