At the moment I have to map a drive to my doc lib and save that way using the following:

Sub SaveSelectedMessages()
Dim olItem As Outlook.MailItem
Dim fName As String
Dim fPath As String
Dim sNumber As String

On Error GoTo SaveFail

fPath = "Z:/"
For Each olItem In ActiveExplorer.Selection
sNumber = InputBox("Please enter Number for the email titled" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & olItem.Subject)

If sNumber = "" Then
MsgBox ("You didn't enter a Number!" & vbCrLf & "Nothing has been saved please try again."), vbCritical
Set olItem = Nothing
Exit Sub
End If
fName = olItem.Subject
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(58) & Chr(41), "")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(58) & Chr(40), "")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(34), "-")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(42), "-")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(47), "-")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(58), "-")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(60), "-")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(62), "-")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(63), "-")
fName = Replace(fName, Chr(124), "-")
olItem.SaveAs fPath & fName & "{" & sNumber & "}" & ".msg"
MsgBox ("Save Completed Successfully")
Next olItem

Set olItem = Nothing

Exit Sub
MsgBox ("An error has occured while trying to save the file, you may want to manulally upload instead. Please contact the Admin Team for assistance"), vbCritical
Set olItem = Nothing

End Sub

Is there a way to save directly to the SharePoint without mapping the drive?