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Thread: Canít find project or library - Microsoft Forms 2.0 ticked in error?

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    What reference is blown every time? MSForms?
    I'd like to have a look at your file again if possible. One that does and one that does not exhibit the error if possible. This is an issue that is very rare and shouldn't be happening.

    Jan Karel Pieterse
    Excel MVP

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    Nov 2020
    Thank you.

    To be able to upload a example were the error is occurring, may not be that simple. Because Ihave to remove all of the data, names etc from the workbook, I can’t justupload a copy with the error because once the error occurs I am unable toaccess the worksheets to remove the sensitive info. I will have to keep openingand closing an amended version to see if I can get the error to occur.
    As soon as I can get it to happen, I willupload.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    I know this is normally against forum policy, but you are welcome to email the file to me (address is at bottom of my website) and I'll even sign an NDA if required (and acceptable to me of course).

    Jan Karel Pieterse
    Excel MVP

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