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Thread: VBA UDF required

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    VBA UDF required

    Hi Guys,

    Can someone help make a UDF code that will do the following:

    Note: Only VBA code to be used and no reference to any Excel functions required such as Application.Worksheet Functions. Any built-in VBA functions can be used such as sqr.

    1. Base Data: Have 3 columns of indefinite length. Column1: Company Name, Column2: Rating, Column3: Coupon
    2. Input will be two ranges of data i.e. Rating and Coupon.
    3. It should be callable from within Excel (i.e. from a cell of worksheet).
    4. Output requirements:
    i) Code should identify all unique Credit Ratings and display them.
    ii) The count of each Credit Rating should be displayed in the cell to the right of it the rating.
    iii) The average value of the coupons against each credit rating should be displayed in the cell to the right.
    iv) The population standard deviation of the coupons of that credit rating should be displayed in the cell to the right.

    I am attaching the sample data file for reference as well.
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    What is your budget ?

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    How are IT services priced? I'm not familiar with those calculations. If you can share any contact details then I can share my exact requirements (which are a little more detailed than I've mentioned above).

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    Cross posted without links

    Also sounds like homework.

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    Seeking Tutor for Replicating Unique Value, COUNTIF, AVERAGEIF and STDEVIF in VBA
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