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Thread: Using Excel macro to attach files in Outlook (without using full file name)

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    Using Excel macro to attach files in Outlook (without using full file name)

    I'm working on a macro that should generate a multitude of emails each with a specific subject, BCC group, and attachments. My current macro requires the full file name for each attachment. I'm looking for a solution where the macro will search a specific folder, then grab and attach the file with only the first key words (since the name includes effective dates which change each month). Is there any way to program the Attachments.Add piece to grab a file from the first keywords (essentially having it search for Z1 DLVD (60-9) and pulling the file)?

    Thank you in advance

    Sub UMW_Pricelist_Distribution()
    Dim emailApplication As Object
    Dim emailItem As Object

    Set emailApplication = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set emailItem = emailApplication.CreateItem(0)
    ' Now build the email
    emailItem.BCC = Worksheets("Pricelist").Range("G3").Value
    emailItem.Subject = "Pricelist"
    emailItem.Body = "Have a great weekend!"
    ' Attach any file from your computer. Use the full length location and name
    emailItem.Attachments.Add ("F:\Pricing-Retail\Monthly\UMW\Current Month\BAXTER\Z1 DLVD (60-9) Effective 7-1 to 8-1.pdf")
    ' Send or display the email. Use .Send or .Display, NEVER use both

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    Apr 2012
    Use Dir + joker characters.

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    Apr 2007
    Only finds the first one

    Returns empty string if none found

    Option Explicit
    Sub drv()
        'prefix + star + ext
        MsgBox GetPathFromPartial("d:\testing", "Z1 DLVD (60-9)*.xlsm")
    End Sub
    Function GetPathFromPartial(P As String, F As String) As String
        If Right(P, 1) <> Application.PathSeparator Then P = P & Application.PathSeparator
        GetPathFromPartial = Dir(P & F)
    End Function


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