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Thread: convert and change report format from PDF to Excel

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    convert and change report format from PDF to Excel

    I have a series of pdf files that are a report of a software, I need to change this report into an Excel file in my preferred format and language, what I am doing now is as follows:
    I open the pdf file in word, then I copy the desired text (from the beginning to "Hand analysis Report") in excel file, in excel with formula, for each cell according to the range of each item (range of each item at the end of each The table is in the PDF file.) I calculate the value and replace the required text.
    For example, liver fat is normal if it is in the range of 0.097 - 0.419, if liver fat is in the range of 60.23-90.36 is the result of fatty liver syndrome, and so on.
    Is there a way to do these steps automatically without having to open the pdf files one by one and follow the steps I mentioned?
    Sample pdf file and excel output are attached.
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    You might want to look into a combination of an Excel template workbook with some macros and an AutoIt script ( to open and copy paste from the pdf.
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