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Thread: Interactive Drop-down list

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    Interactive Drop-down list

    Hi everyone,

    I'm writing you because I need support. On a Word document I have built a user form with a combobox. The items of the drop-down list are created from an Excel sheet. As the number of items is huge and scrolling down to get to the right option to choose is not always that user-friendly (also because the scrolling with the mouse wheel isn't that quick..) I was wondering if there is a way to see to it that when the user starts typing something in the box, this will determine which items are displayed in the dropdown list when he clicks on the arrow. This way the dropdown list would become "interactive" and dynamic so to speak and it would be much quicker to choose from a much smaller number of options tailored to the search performed in the box.

    The idea is that as soon as you type anything in the search box, it shows only those items that have that text in it.

    You can find the Word document and the Excel file that populates the drop-down list. To test it simply make sure both files are in the same folder/desktop.

    Thank you in advance for your support.


    Massimo Ollani
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