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Thread: Change Fill color using VBA in PowerPoint

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    You need to work out the math a little better

    Is this what you wanted?

    Private Sub pvtChangeAutoShapeType(o As Shape)
        Dim CenterTop As Double, CenterLeft As Double
        With o
            If .Type <> msoAutoShape Then Exit Sub
            If .AutoShapeType <> tShapeToChange Then Exit Sub
            .AutoShapeType = tShapeAfterChange
            CenterTop = .Top + .Height / 2#
            CenterLeft = .Left + .Width / 2#
            .Height = oShapeAfterChange.Height
            .Width = oShapeAfterChange.Width
            .Left = CenterLeft - oShapeAfterChange.Width / 2#
            .Top = CenterTop - oShapeAfterChange.Height / 2#
        End With
    End Sub
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