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Thread: Make text appear when hovering/clicking on other title

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    Make text appear when hovering/clicking on other title

    Hi everybody!

    I have ZERO experience with VBA, and frankly, I spent quite some time trying to learn, and as I don't intend to use this very often, it starts to become too time-consuming, so if I can't find any help here, I'll go for something way more uncomplicated.

    So here it is. I'm creating a Powerpoint to use as an interactive cheat sheet, and in one slide, I would like to be able to hover or click on something (like a title) to make some text appear. I found that code that seems to do it:

    Sub change_texte(forme As Shape)
    With SlideShowWindows(1).View.Slide.Shapes("cercle_texte").TextFrame.TextRange
    Select Case forme.Name
            .Text =""
    Case"Rectangle 1"
            .Text ="Information 1"
    Case"Rectangle 2"
            .Text ="Information 2"
    Case"Rectangle 3"
            .Text ="Information 3"
    Case"Rectangle 4"
            .Text ="Information 4"
    End Select
    End With
    End Sub
    BUT, and that's where I could use some help...

    - I don't know how to refer to the specific slide (and name it) where I want the action to occur.
    - The text that I want to appear will be from another slide, instead of directly in the code (I want my customers to be able to print the slides, so the text need to be somewhere visible)

    - I don't know if it's helpful information, but I would like to use the same slides throughout different presentations

    It's challenging for me; maybe it's a piece of cake for one of you?

    I would be grateful if anybody could give me the code to do what I want. I'll be OK to make changes once I have the foundations.

    I can give access to the presentation to the interested!


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    Well, this is not very elegant, but it might be an option for you:

    Insert a Mouse Over or Mouse Click Animation that calls a sub like the one below. The Hovered Over shape is passed to the sub


    Option Explicit
    Sub HoverMouse(shp As Shape)
        MsgBox "Over " & shp.Name
    End Sub
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