I am trying to merge nearly 40 PPTX files in the following folder: /Users/myuserid.org/Desktop/joiner

I found this code online:
Sub joiner()Dim sFileTyp As String
Dim sFileName As String
Dim otarget As Presentation
Dim i As Integer
On Error GoTo errhandler
sFileTyp = "*.PPT*"
sFileName = Dir$(Environ("myuserid.org\Desktop\joiner\" & sFileTyp))
Set otarget = ActivePresentation
Do While sFileName <> ""
Call otarget.Slides.InsertFromFile(Environ("USERPROFILE") & "\Desktop\joiner\" & _
sFileName, otarget.Slides.Count)
sFileName = Dir()
Exit Sub
MsgBox "Sorry, there was an error"
End Sub
Nothing seems to happen when I try to execute this macro. I feel it must be in the punctuation for where to find the files since this was written for a windows machine. Have I made the file path correctly?