I have an Excel sheet containing all data in a table, some of data needs to be picked and transferred to a Word Template. This is done via VBS in Excel and bookmarks in Word. Currently I am struggling to display the right format for the time values. The strings get display correctly but the date gets imported as "TRUE" instead of "hh:mm". Would appreciate if somebody could look into my code and give me a hint how to solve this.

My code:

Dim lngZeile As Long
Dim strTeam As String
Dim strZeit As Date
Dim strOrt As String
Dim Paragraphe As Object, WordApp As Object, WordDoc As Object

Sub SpielbestaetigungTest()

File = "C:\...........\_Admin\IMPORT TEST VBA.dotx"
Set WordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
WordApp.Visible = True
Set WordDoc = WordApp.Documents.Add(Template:=File)

lngZeile = ActiveCell.Row
strTeam = Cells(lngZeile, 5)
WordApp.ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Team").Range.Text = strTeam

strZeit = Cells(lngZeile, 6)
WordApp.ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Spielzeit").Range.Text = strZeit = Format(Cells(lngZeile, 6), "hh:mm")

strOrt = Cells(lngZeile, 7)
WordApp.ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("Ort").Range.Text = strOrt

End Sub
Thanks a lot,