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Thread: VBA to Delete all Images in a PowerPoint

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    VBA to Delete all Images in a PowerPoint

    Hi all,

    I'm currently looking for a simple VBA to delete all the images in a PowerPoint. I have tried solutions in a number of threads with no luck. At the moment I'm using a script which deletes all the pictures on a specific slide which works well but a simple 'delete all' button would be useful. The code I'm using at the moment is detailed below.

    Sub delete_pics()
    Dim osld As Slide
    Dim opic As Shape
    Dim lngCount As Long
    On Error GoTo err
    For Each osld In ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange
    For lngCount = osld.Shapes.Count To 1 Step -1
    Set opic = osld.Shapes(lngCount)
    Select Case opic.Type
    Case Is = msoPlaceholder
    If opic.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType = msoPicture Then opic.Delete
    Case Is = msoPicture
    End Select
    Next lngCount
    Next osld
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Did you select slides?"
    End Sub

    I'm new to Excel VBA therefore any simple code with simple instructions would be much appreciated!

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    VBAX Sage
    Apr 2007
    1. I added CODE tags to you post - use the [#] icon to add then

    2. Interesting. Deleting 'bottoms up' is still required, and I added the ability to handle a single level of grouped items

    3. I learned that if you delete all but one shape in a Group, then it becomes a 'regular' shape

    Option Explicit
    Sub delete_pics()
        Dim osld As Slide
        Dim oshp As Shape, oshp2 As Shape
        Dim iShp As Long, ishp2 As Long
        For Each osld In ActivePresentation.Slides
            For iShp = osld.Shapes.Count To 1 Step -1
                Set oshp = osld.Shapes(iShp)
                Select Case osld.Shapes(iShp).Type
                    Case msoPlaceholder
                        If oshp.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType = msoPicture Then oshp.Delete
                    Case msoPicture
                    Case msoGroup
                        For ishp2 = oshp.GroupItems.Count To 2 Step -1
                            Set oshp2 = oshp.GroupItems(ishp2)
                            Select Case oshp2.Type
                                Case msoPlaceholder
                                    If oshp2.PlaceholderFormat.ContainedType = msoPicture Then oshp2.Delete
                                Case msoPicture
                            End Select
                        Next ishp2
                End Select
            Next iShp
            'second pass since if a Group has all but 1 picture deleted, it's not a group any more
            For iShp = osld.Shapes.Count To 1 Step -1
                Set oshp = osld.Shapes(iShp)
                If oshp.Type = msoPicture Then oshp.Delete
            Next iShp
    End Sub
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    Hi Paul,

    That is fantastic, works a treat. Thank you for your help

    All the best

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