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Thread: Extract or select slides by number (position)

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    Extract or select slides by number (position)

    Hello to everyone,

    I'm quite a newbie and I really apreciate some help, I have a big powerpoint file with more than 400 slides, I identified which one are useful to me right now, and would like to extract them to a new file so it would be easier to work with.

    Is there any Vba code I can implement that can do that? I would like to input a list of the slides I want to extract and it could create a new file with only these slides or may if just is selecting them and I can copy and paste'em to the new file.

    If anyone could help me I would be very greatful, thanks

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    VBAX Sage
    Apr 2007
    Not sure what you mean by easier to work with

    If you pull them out, I imagine you'd have to put them back in

    Have you looked at using the PP Custom Slide Show feature on the 400 slide presentation?

    You can also Hide slides and keep them from showing, but they are still in the presentation
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