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    New here

    Hello, my name is Paul and I reside in Orange County, CA. I am not in a computer related field but have been interested in programming since the mid 70's where my first programming experience was on programmable calculators. I am self taught in Basic, 8080 and Z80 machine code, APL, Idea, Pascal, Various C's, and Java with a basic understanding of network protocol and management. I maintain my office IT issues and manage 3 Synology servers for business backup and media streaming on the third one. A lot of my history involves knowledge of dead languages but as any coder knows, if you think code, the language is secondary. My current efforts are with VBA and C++. I also enjoy programming Arduino's and making little projects with them.

    I am a PC guy from way back, but since Apple released computers with the M1 chip, I have bought a Mac Mini and MacBook Air to play with. I am impressed with the chip and for some reason get excited when the computer is on all day and is silent and cool to the touch. Nice move Apple... I am not crazy about the MacOS and Excel for MacOS but that is why I am a PC guy amongst other reasons.

    My other hobbies include Photography and following the automotive industry. I am kind of car crazy and have a hard time explaining to my wife why I spend so much time reading about cars I will never buy or drive.

    I keep a roof over my head practicing dentistry as I have since 1987 and while I love it, I am getting a little bored but am too old to try to start a new career. Actually I don't think I am too old but I bet potential employers would...

    In any case, nice to find your forum.


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    Welcome Paul,

    Best to learn by trying to answer as many questions as you think you can. We won't put you down and will try to correct any errors you make.

    I am still learning that way and by copious use of duckduck-foo. (Like google-foo, but more private.)
    I expect the student to do their homework and find all the errrors I leeve in.

    Please take the time to read the Forum FAQ

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    Hello. I'm also new

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    Hello Ursula! Im Keiran!

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