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Thread: assistance from experts to fixing theses codes

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    assistance from experts to fixing theses codes

    when I search in the internet like my question . I 've found theses codes but there is something . it doesn't work
    the idea of code shows message when fill values in textbox1 after fill combobox1,2,3 they should match with col A,B,C if the values are filled in textbox1,2 bigger than what are existed in col D then should message box the value is exceeded and show the real value for specific item . so if any body can fix it or alternative code it will be a great
    Function MatchingRowNumber(Brand As String, _
                               Typ As String, _
                               Origin As String) As Long
        ' 290
        Dim Fun As Long
        With Worksheet("List")
            ' search for the match here
            ' Fun interim result
        End With
        MatchingRowNumber = Fun
    End Function
    Private Function IsAvailable(ByVal Qty As Long) As Boolean
        ' 290
        Dim R           As Long
        Dim AvailQty    As Long
        R = MatchingRowNumber(ComboBox1.Value, _
                              ComboBox2.Value, _
        AvailQty = List.Cells(R, "D").Value
        If AvailQty < Qty Then
            MsgBox "The quantity you entered exceeds availability." & vbCr & _
                   "Available quantity is " & AvailQty & ".", _
                   vbInformation, "Limited availability"
            IsAvailable = True
        End If
    End Function
    Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
        ' 290
        If IsAvailable(TextBox1.Value) Then
            ' continue with the program
            ' return to the textbox
        End If
    End Sub

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    It's much easier to help if you attach a small sample workbook with some data and the existing macros


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    thanks for your interesting
    there is another code . it copies data from userform to sheet INV , but I want before copy data . it should check the values are existed in COL D in sheet LIST if the item contain value into textbox1 or 2 bigger than what are existed in COL D in sheet LIST then should show message the number is exceeded and show me the real qty is available .
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    is there any help?

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    Apr 2012
    Why don't you show the user the availabe stock before (s)he can choose an amount ?
    Why don't you restricht the user's choice to the available stock ?

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