I've create a MS Project file for tracking the creation of a quality program. Rather than utilizing unique sub-task records for the drafting, reviewing and approval of every task, I created custom flag fields for a simple done/not done visualization. I'm also calculating duration based on a 'Custom Duration' field using the assumption that drafting will utilize 50% of the total 'Duration' and review and approval will utilize 25% each.

My goal is to get the '% Complete' to update based on 'Custom Duration' divided by 'Duration'. It seems like I should be able to accomplish this by writing the 'Custom Duration' values into the 'Actual Duration'' or I could do it directly by calculating the percent complete and writing the value into the '% Complete' field. I'm a beginner when it comes to VBA. I understand the basics but I can't seem to figure out how to overwrite the values in a standard field with those from a custom field.

Anyone got a code example they can share?