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Thread: One PDF with Print Page Order - A variation

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    One PDF with Print Page Order - A variation

    This is a variation to my previous post
    Export to single PDF from a matrix of range and sheets
    (had put a link but got rejected)
    My sincere thanks to Paul Hossier for his input and for enlightening me.

    In this variation, I have two situation

    1. There are pages (sheets) like Cover, Content that should not be page numbered but the rest are numbered.

    2. Within the one PDF to have two sets of documents that are page numbered separately ie Set 1 has its own page numbering and Set 2 has its own page numbering.

    I have run into a spinning headache! But I think, there has to be for:

    1. to have some sort of Array to capture the two non-numbering pages (Cvr1, Cont1 and Cvr2, Cont2) before looping for the page numbering of the others, but ensuring that Cvr2 and Cont2 are in, correct page placement!
    and in

    2. similar but running the loop twice with 2 Array?

    Please see the attached file.

    Have experimented the last few days but getting more knotted.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.
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