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Thread: Microsoft Outlook RecipientControl error

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    Microsoft Outlook RecipientControl error


    From an Excel file, I have created a userform with a RecipientControl on it. I also have checked the relevant Outlook reference. But when I run the userform, I get an error (Run-time error '-2147220995 (800401fd)': Automation error Object is not connected to server"

    Can someone help me to fix this error?

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards

    Imran Bhatti

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    Post your code. It is impossible to try and evaluate the problem without.
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    Thanks @sir gmayor

    I have not written any code yet. I added a userform and a RecipientControl on top of that userform. The issue is when I try to run the form, it produces the error.

    Note: When I delete RecipientControl then form does load.

    I am not sure why I am unable to attach a file here.

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