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Thread: Cross-Posting

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    Hello everybody,

    Lately it seems there has been an epidemic of cross-posters. Some members here are very involved at other forums as well as here at VBAX. This is not only very commendable but very time consuming as well. These people do not get paid and volunteer all their time. It can be more than frustrating to find yourself in the midst of a cross-poster. One can lose their taste for helping others.

    Some good conversation was held at the JMT board recently, here. A recent example at that board can also be seen here.

    Probably the best write-up I've ever seen on it can be found at Ken Puls site:
    Please take your time to read through it (it's not too long) and keep it bookmarked for when you see cross-posters.

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    Thanks, Zack.

    Any feedback or commentary is also appreciated. The page is there to make these people realize what they're doing, and I'd like to make it as effective as possible.

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    Hi guys,

    I think one point of interest. To those of us who either read, or participate in, or all of the above to many of the forums, the term "cross posting" is self explanatory.

    To the newbie, who has not posted in forums before, or may not be as proficient in english to understand the phrase, I would recommend (at least here) a helper text pop up for the Cross-Post phrases that would read "Posting at multiple forums" or even a link to Ken's excellent advise. Not as elegant or efficient as "Cross Post", but I guarantee that those four words make sense to a newbie where as "cross post" may not...

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    Perhaps you could also create a "permanent" link to this somewhere:
    ~Anne Troy

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