Hello everyone,

I would like to hide the text that's is not highlighted in my document.

I've already code the part where I can't do it on "normal" text, but I got textboxes with highlighted text inside and I cant access to them.
I've try to do some research to get inside this text boxes but nothing works.

This is what I've done until now:

Sub Hide_onCondition_RSO()
    ' Hide_RSO Macro
    Dim eShape As Word.Shape
    For Each eShape In ActiveDocument.Shapes
        If eShape.Type = msoTextBox Then
            With eShape.TextFrame.TextRange.Find
                .Text = ""
                .Format = True
                .Highlight = False
                .Replacement.Text = ""
                .Replacement.Font.Hidden = True
                .Execute Replace:=wdReplaceAll
            End With
        End If
    Next eShape
End Sub
When I try to loop around shapes, and try to access to the text frame of the shape to see if the text is highlighted or no, that the macro doesn't find them because maybe they are in a group (?).

Do you have any ideas ?
Thank you !