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Thread: Remove header without removing the content of the header

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    Remove header without removing the content of the header


    I'm looking for a way to automatize a couple of things for my work, as we're forced into having to make a lot of unnecessary handlings, through systemís not being set up right to provide what we need.

    We're working with Dynamics AX and when we need to make an invoice for the customs for shipments outside of the EU, we're having to extract a Pro Forma Invoice to Word, then manually remove "Proforma", so only Invoice is shown.
    Then if there are multiple pages, we have to print the invoice, manually remove the page numbering with Tipp-Ex and write down the correct numbers, as the page numbering is in the header so it reflects the same on every page.

    So my 1st question is, is there a way to remove the header, without removing the content of the header itself, so the page will look exactly the same.
    I've attached 3 screenshots. The 1st is how the invoice looks when it's extracted from the system with the area from the header and footer shown, the 2nd is how it looks after we've amended it and the 3rd is the issue we have with the page numbering.

    Then we often need to fill-in a template in Word and e-mail it along with the invoice to the transporters, so they can arrange to pick it up.
    It would be ideal to have like 2 buttons, 1 to remove the headers and footers from the file and 1 to merge the 2 files together into 1.

    Iíve already created the macro to save as PDF and send the e-mail to transporter, only I don't know how to remove the header without the contents of the header being cleared. Have tried googling it, but couldn't find it anywhere and made several attempts to make a copy/paste script and tried recording my handlings, but that didn't work neither.

    Is there anyone that could possibly help me out?
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    Maybe the template needs to have section breaks between each page,
    and the headers and footers unlinked as default?

    I use this Section break macro and relink macro.
    Gave up trying to do one myself.
    I would prefer to also delete out the Header and Footer
    For an inserted page, but simply use the break twice,
    and then delete out the header and footer in a new Section.

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    Can an empty text box be placed over the header,
    and sent to front interms of position?
    To hide the header, but keep the formatting of the rest of the page...

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    Can you simply move your header into the first-page header?
    Perhaps leave a { PAGE } field in the header?
    Header/Footer Settings Recap

    No section breaks needed.

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