Visio installed is Standard version 2016, no Data menu. Excel is Office 365. I created Visio doc which represents network devices map.

One shape is representing the single network device. It has basic details, IP address, application for connection (ssh, for example), username, who is connecting, for example, to make this as simple as possible. Data for those fields are to be populated from standardized Excel table from linked file. I was able to create right click menu which has the option for starting the application which is establishing connection, based on mentioned details, at the moment it is using static data entered into Visio, no link established to Excel.

As the Visio version being used, has no Data menu (not possible to use Wizard for creating link to Data in Excel, for example), I am trying to use VBA for getting data from Excel file, and to populate Shapes with the data, I may use some specific key field to make the unique records and to make the link working.

I have to say that it seems - the VBA for the Visio does not have all commands expected for the establishing the link, or I do need some specific module, additional software. In the Excel I may put the fields KeyID; IPAddress; Hostname; Application; Username and enter few rows, at the Visio side I may have the same fields, only field in Visio to be entered in Visio would be the KeyID, other fields would need to be populated when the link will be established from Excel table.

Trying to explain this as simple as possible.

Please, anyone has or had same or similar problem, resolved, anyone worked on something like this?

Thanks a lot!