Dear Gurus,
I have a quite simple model in Excel which is made by a set of sheets where I'm inserting data in two tables, merging them through Power Query and I'm planning to add a sheet to perform a non linear regression calculation. The model already contains some data.

Now, I would like to bind it to an application to be developed in VB by Visual Studio.
I'm ignorant, but my expectation is to include the Excel model into the tool I will develop and have then a visual rendering through forms where I can add data into excel table and display the results.

I understand this is also achievable through VBA directly in Excel, but I would like to have at the end an .exe file to installed on the laptop which will include the excel workbook too and connect to it automatically to save additional data and perform the needed calculation via forms.

Now, is this possible? Am I missing any consideration on this? Is there any guide that I can follow to set this up?

Thanks in advance,