Could You please advise:
I wrote a Outlook macro that checks message title for key phrases and when they are not included:
1. Stops sending message,
2. Opens menu with suggested actions => add specific phrase

After (2) user can send email once again.

My problem is:
I would like to have it on one click
When I change "Cancel = True" to "Cancel = False" it works for sending or replying to emails...but it crashes entire application when email is forwarded.

Could You please advice on any workaround?

Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean)

Dim question As String
Dim strSubj As String

    If TypeName(Item) = "MailItem" Then
strSubj = Item.subject
If InStr(Item.subject, "SOMETHING1") > 0 Or InStr(Item.subject, "SOMETHING2") > 0 Or InStr(Item.subject, "SOMETHING3") > 0 Then

            Exit Sub
            question = MsgBox("PLEASE DO SOMETHING", , "CAUTION")
            MENU.Top = (Application.ActiveWindow.Top + Application.ActiveWindow.Height / 4) - (MENU.Height / 4)
            MENU.Left = (Application.ActiveWindow.Left + Application.ActiveWindow.Width / 20) - (MENU.Width / 20)

            With MENU    'show menu that helps to do something ;)
            End With
            Cancel = True
    strSubj = Item.subject
    strSubj = DWType & strSubj
    Item.subject = strSubj
        End If
    End If
DWtype = ""

end sub