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Thread: Procedure too large

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    Procedure too large

    Hello team VBA,

    I have an issue with a procedure thats too large.

    Within my wee "app" there are a few related procedures that I use as a almost a database, with just under a 1,000 items.

    Problem is that I've essentially run out of room to add more stuff.

    I've tried simply splitting it into smaller chunks but it errors out.

    With Data2
    .Data_2_stuff = "text"
    .Data_2_more_stuff = "more text"
    End With
    Adddata2 Data2

    Any ideas would be great thanks, as I need to add more elements.

    I have previously split it up, which is how I wound up with #2, I dont really want to split it again...


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    Apr 2005
    If it's too large you are going to have to split it up some more, I cannot see any other option.
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    You do realize that word is not the proper program for a database.

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    I'm getting a vibe that you have just under 1000 pieces of data embedded in your macro and that you want to add more

    Without seeing what you have, I think you'd be better off not using Word as a database like arnelgp says, but storing the 'data' somewhere else like a CSV or TXT file and read the file into memory when you need it


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