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Thread: Outlook trigger REST API service (UiPath) from VBA code | Code in Description

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    Outlook trigger REST API service (UiPath) from VBA code | Code in Description

    Hello All,
    I like to share with you a VBA code that do a lot of REST API (POST and GET commands).
    In this case I call UiPath System to start robot / process and then use the response to answer to email.
    Basically I have:
    - email filters
    - POST and GET REST API calls
    - extract data from JSON
    - timer to wait for process response
    - reply to email.

    Here is all my code in GITHUB:
    And also a video that demonstrate that code is working.

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    Your integration of Outlook with UiPath for automation sounds really efficient. The way you've handled email filters, REST API calls, and JSON data extraction shows a solid understanding of both VBA and UiPath. I checked out your code on GitHub, and it's well-documented and easy to follow, even for someone like me who's relatively new to this stuff. The video tutorial was helpful too, especially for visual learners like myself. It's inspiring to see how developers like you are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with automation.
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