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Thread: How to Create a Loop

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    How to Create a Loop

    Hello. Can you help me? How do I create a loop for the code below? It is VBA inside an application.

    It is okay if it loops continuously as I can always press the stop button for the macro. Thank you.

    Sub Price()
    '' Generated by the Reflection Macro Recorder on 03-03-2022  10:14:28.24
    ' Generated by Reflection for IBM for Windows 14.0.1076
    'With Session
            .SetSelectionStartPos 9, 39
            .ExtendSelectionRect 9, 42
            .TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMTabKey
            .TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMTabKey
            .TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMTabKey
            .TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMTabKey
            .TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMPf6Key
            .TransmitTerminalKey rcIBMPf11Key
        End With
    End Sub
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