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Thread: VLOOKUP with VBA to loop and paste multiple images in result table

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    VLOOKUP with VBA to loop and paste multiple images in result table

    I have a challenge to solve that is getting over my head.

    In the Excel card are 3 tables.
    Table1 with text entries,
    Table2 is a matrix that has the respective photo for the Pokemon name
    Table3 should be the result, where only the name and its Pokemon collection should appear as images.

    I'm trying to do a VLOOKUP but with multiple images.

    I found out how to delete images in the Table3 to make it possible to recalculate based on the pokemon list in Table1
    Sub RemoveImages()
        Dim s As Shape, rng As Range
        Set rng = Range("B6:B100")
        For Each s In ActiveSheet.Shapes
            If Intersect(rng, s.TopLeftCell) Is Nothing Then
            End If
        Next s
    End Sub

    I found out how to loop and copy and paste images
    Sub CopyPasteImages()
      For i = 6 To 50
        Range("C" & i).Copy
        Range("D" & i).Select
      Next i
      Application.CutCopyMode = False
    End Sub

    Unfortunately, my VBA skills are not enough to pick the images associated with the Pokemon and display them like in Table3?

    could anyone help me please

    Attached is my Excel file
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    Hi buliing & welcome to the forum,

    I have created the attached file, I renamed your images to be the name of the Pokemon as that seemed to make sense, i also changed the column widths in the 'Table3' tab so as each cell can take one image.

    There may be more options to follow from others,

    Hope this helps
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    Try along the lines of:
    Sub blah()
    Set Destn = Sheets("Table3").Range("B6")
    For Each cll In Sheets("Table1").Range("B6:B15")
      Destn.Value = cll.Value
      PokemonNames = Split(cll.Offset(, 2).Value, ",")
      ofset = 1
      For Each PokemonName In PokemonNames
        RowNo = Application.Match(Application.Trim(PokemonName), Sheets("Table2").Columns(1), 0)
        If Not IsError(RowNo) Then
          Sheets("Table2").Cells(RowNo, "B").Copy Destn.Offset(, ofset)
          ofset = ofset + 1
        End If
      Next PokemonName
      Set Destn = Destn.Offset(1)
    Next cll
    End Sub
    No clearing of destination sheet beforehand, no checks. It places images in adjacent cells (not into the same cell), so ensure columns are wide enough to allow you to see whole image.
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