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Thread: I can't get the correct color of a hyperlink

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    A VBA macro can't get the correct color of a hyperlink in MS Word

    I'm writing a VBA macro that find any font color used except from black (RGB: 0,0,0) and blue.
    If this macro finds a character that isn't black and blue in a paragraph, it shows the text of the paragraph with a message box.

    Option Explicit
    Sub test()
        Dim oParagraph As Paragraph, oLink As Hyperlink
        Dim char As Range
        Dim bFound As Boolean, i As Integer
        Dim strHex As String, strHex1 As String, strHex2 As String, strHex3 As String
        Dim strHex4 As String, strHex5 As String
        bFound = False
        For Each oParagraph In ActiveDocument.Paragraphs
            For Each char In oParagraph.Range.Characters
                strHex = Hex(char.Font.TextColor.RGB)
                strHex1 = Hex(char.Font.ColorIndex)
                strHex2 = Hex(char.Font.Color)
                strHex3 = Hex(char.Style.Font.Color)
                strHex4 = Hex(char.Style.Font.ColorIndex)
                strHex5 = Hex(char.Style.Font.TextColor.RGB)
                If char.Font.Color <> wdColorAutomatic And char.Font.Color <> wdColorBlack _
                   And char.Font.Color <> wdColorBlue Then
                    bFound = True
                    GoTo nt_lb
                End If
            Next char
        Next oParagraph
        If bFound = True Then
            MsgBox oParagraph.Range.Text
        End If
    End Sub
    But, this macro doesn't work for a hyperlink.
    When you execute this macro, this macro shows the pragraph including the hyperlink although the hyperlnk is blue and the remaining text is black in the paragraph.

    My macro checks the following properties for checking the font color:
    * Range.Font.Color
    * Range.Font.TextColor
    * Range.Style.Font.Color
    * Range.Style.Font.TextColor

    But, my macro can't get the blue color from any above property.
    In the hyperlink text "This is a test link.", this macro finds that the first "T" character isn't black and blue.

    Also, I've attached a sample document.

    Please help me.
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