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Thread: if condition is variable + number

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    if condition is variable + number

    I am not sure the best way to ask this question, i imagine the answer is easy but I am not sure how to look it up online (I always try that first). it is possible it is working and I am just not realizing it. I was just testing up to the end of the case statement so maybe I would not see the math until after the case statement

    I want an if statement that says

    if slidenumber = startnumber + 3 then....

    the trouble is that it keeps saying that Slidenumber = startnumber and does not want to add the 3

    (side note: this if is part of a case statement that there are 22 need to be able to say +3. then the next conditions would say +4)

    Below is a little bit of my actual code. it seems the 'math' portion of the ifthen conditions is not working
     If SN = SiteSlidesStart Then
                  FN = "Alaska Slide 1"
    ElseIf SN = SiteSlidesStart + 1 Then
                FN = "Alaska Slide 2"
    ElseIf SN = SiteSlidesStart + 2 Then
                  FN = "ABQ Slide 1"
    ElseIf SN = SiteSlidesStart + 3 Then
                FN = "ABQ Slide 2"
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    nevermind, it works fine. I just did not try the code after the case statement (which is where I would see the different slide numbers)

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    1. I changed your HTML tags to CODE tags (the # icon) and formatted it a little

    2. Hard to tell without seeing the entire macro, but I'd use Select Case instead since I vaguely recall that there's a limit on how many If Then ElseIf's you can have

    Select Case SN
        Case  SiteSlidesStart
           FN = "Alaska Slide 1"
        Case SlidesStart + 1
           FN = "Alaska Slide 2"
        Case SiteSlidesStart + 2
           FN = "ABQ Slide 1"
        Case SiteSlidesStart + 3
            FN = "ABQ Slide 2"
    End Select


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