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Thread: Saving Emails from specific sender to folder on hard drive

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    Saving Emails from specific sender to folder on hard drive

    Hello all and many thanks for past help. Reaching out once because I am trying to create an Excel spreadsheet where I can add a button to launch a macro that will allow a way to save all the emails in the inbox from a specific sender - this is a shared mailbox- to a folder on a shared hard drive (P:\responses) I would like to create a subfolder with the current date and have the emails saved there. Access to creating and running macros is disabled within Outlook, but we can use them in Excel. Any assistance would be most appreciated in tackling this. Thanks again in advance!!

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    Hi holley,

    You can give the below a try:
    Sub SaveMSGs()    
        Dim olFolder As Folder
        Dim olItem As MailItem
        Dim iCount As Integer
        Dim aPath As String, sPath As String
        Dim fdObj As Object
        aPath = "C:\Users\jbloggs\Desktop\test\" '<<< Change to suit
        sPath = apth & Replace(Date, "/", ".") & "\"
        Set fdObj = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        If Not fdObj.FolderExists(sPath) Then
            fdObj.CreateFolder (sPath)
        End If
        Set olFolder = Session.PickFolder
        For iCount = 1 To olFolder.Items.Count
            Set olItem = olFolder.Items(iCount)
            If olItem.Class = OlObjectClass.olMail Then
                olItem.SaveAs sPath & ValidName(olItem.Subject) & ".msg"
            End If
        Next iCount
        Set olItem = Nothing
        Set olFolder = Nothing
        MsgBox "Complete"
    End Sub
    Private Function ValidName(Arg As String) As String
        Dim RegEx As Object
        Set RegEx = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
        With RegEx
            .Pattern = "[\\/:\*\?""<>\|]"
            .Global = True
            ValidName = .Replace(Arg, "")
        End With
    End Function
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