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Thread: VBA Code to copy data from two sheet ,paste into corresponding sheet

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    VBA Code to copy data from two sheet ,paste into corresponding sheet

    Hi experts

    I have set of data in two sheet, i want copy data from 2 sheet , paste into corresponding value sheet name, through multiple command buttons

    for e.g
    Condition 1 : Rawsheet1 Column B have data south and Rawsheet2 Column B have data south, from both sheet all data south copy to south sheet, 1st range(A30:G30) 2ND RANGE(I30:O30)
    Condition 2 : In sheet south In column C have states data when i click state wise command button corresponded states data will be in both range
    please find the attachment
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    Store the data as a database (do not split them into several worksheets/files/folders.
    Create a separate representation worksheet to filter and show (pivottable, slicers, graphs, charts, etc ) selected data.

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    Brother can u help me with slicers ? atleast

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    As snb has suggested
    Store the data as a database
    your data is clearly more suited to a database rather than excel. However since you seem persistent then have you considered using the filter command?

    All of the data could reside in one sheet, then using Filter you could display the requested data within table.

    example: =Filter( named table, ((Filter 1 )* (Filter 2)* (Filter3)) etc where the filter conditions could represent Id's, Region, State.Address, Phone, Mobile, Email.
    only problem I initially see is that you have identical ID's for one or more people ( that's a No No in anyones language)
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