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    Question Dlookup

    in a ms db there are fields customer Name, address,Mobileno i want when user enter the mobile no other information should fill up automatically.for this first need a code to check the customer already exist or not.if not then a msg box appear that the customer is new please enter informstion manualy.
    To do this what code should be Used???.

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    you use Form for you table so you can add Validation to MobileNo textbox.
    on the Form design, click on MobileNo and add Code to it's BeforeUpdate event:

    private sub MobileNo_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer)
    Cancel = (DCount("1", "yourTableName", "MobileNo = '" & Me!MobileNo & "'")<>0)
    If Cancel Then
       Msgbox "Mobile number belongs to another person!"
    End If
    end sub
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