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Thread: VBA - Convert data table into a long list (multiple columns)

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    Question VBA - Convert data table into a long list (multiple columns)

    Hi everyone,

    I'm running into a problem and can't convert it into VBA code.

    In the attached appendix you will find a file with an analysis and output sheet. I would like to find something that adds data from a table per person to each other with the corresponding account code. In the output sheet I made an example of how I would like it to look.
    So for each 'person' I have 3 values ​​that I must have among each other with the corresponding account code next to it. So this will be three lines. In this way I want x3 lines under each other for each person. Then the next item comes in, the same story here.

    You could immediately use 6 lines for 1 person. However, in my work file I work with hundreds of persons and dozens of account codes. So I want as few 'zero' lines as possible in my output. Some account rules can be completely zero.

    I hope that's a bit clear. Thanks for the help!

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    Firstly, unmerge the cells C2:F2. Then select Cell C2 and use Excel's Text to Columns function to split the data based on commas.
    Next use the Replace function to change the "+" to ",".
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    using VBA, so you need to test.
    i think this was requested before...
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