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    General VBA Inquiry


    I am trying to figure out if it is possible to control which sheet that data is added, modified, & deleted by using the value from a single combo box to specify which sheet needs to be used. Also the combo box needs to display the data on the specific sheet in a list box.

    The project I am working on I have been able to put all the data into single sheet and filter it that way with the combo box. However it makes the database unorganized and by the end several thousand entries long.

    Any suggestions or thoughts would greatly appreciated.

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    try investing your time on MS Access.

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    If you are still going to use Excel for it then attached is a file that may have a few pointers to help
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    Thanks guys for the reply. I have been slowly learning how to code in VBA and I know this is an ambitious project.

    arnelgp- I have looked at MS Access but I have never really messed with it too much. Guess I will look at some tutorial videos on YouTube.

    georgiboy- After looking at the code in that file I can see how it works. I was trying to make the combo box values set to a variable like (X) instead of putting the value into actual formula likes this: sheets(Me.Combobox1.Value)

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