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Thread: Merged Cell over Page Break is not Displayed properly

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    Jul 2022

    Merged Cell over Page Break is not Displayed properly

    Hey there,

    i have noticed an odd behavior, when it comes to tables with vertically merged Cells and when they hit the "page break". The attached picture illustrates the table structure. It can be seen, that the last "entry" in "Programmiersprachen" is not displayed.

    One note: I cannot provide more data as below. If the code, the dotx template file is needed, than I have to write some generic.

    The table is build by VBA code + "template table" that serves as style blueprint, including Properties as
    • Table.AllowPageBreaks = True
    • Rows.AllowBreakAcrossPages = 0 (turns out, that this property does not have any effect the observed behavior)

    The table's content originates from a Access record set.

    All in all the table looks fine, but this little thing keeps me in trouble.

    From what I understand so far, is that Word "looses" the ability to address individual rows, when one starts to merge cells vertically (same goes for columns an horizontal merged cells). I have tried to "fill" additional Rows at this position, but failed, since I cannot execute Table.Rows.Add() or Table.Cell(x,y).Split. A Table.Split looks like an option, too. But the line of code always raise the error, that the object was already deleted (what ever that means in this situation). If I add a row before I merge all the cells, than I get trouble with my cell merging routines. Those routines rely on the specific table structure. An additional row would mean I have to put a lot more code in there to cope with that.

    Is there any "self healing" feature for that, that I have overseen so far? I would love to :-)

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