Hi all,
I am from South Africa and have been working with Office for a long time, but never actually thought I would need Macros and VBA.
Untill I started a hobby to translate ancient books into Word by Word and did so in cells in Excel.
At first I coppied and pasted pages and pages of documents with the use of transposing, untill I realised it will take years to complete one book.
I then decided to play with VBA, but alas, I will have to learn from the start.
It is incredible to see what can be done, and I decided that I will learn VBA as a new hobby.

In the meantime I am struggeling with a macro that I picked up on the internet somewhere, and do not know how to complete is to do my work ultra fast.

I hope that I will find some kind wizzard on this forum who will tweak it for me, but that for another thread.

Anyhow, hope you all are fine after this covid catastrophe.