Hello VBA guru,
I am wondering if I can pull a/all the attachment sent by particular sender and save into specific folder. I am currently using outlook365.

I have several following conditions.
1) Only pull the attachment if it is in pdf.
2) I want to have message box open so I can provide the email address that I want to download the attachment came from.
3) I want macro to run and download the attachment only from the unread email/s.
4) After I download the attachment and saved into shared drive, I want to make that email as read.
5) If there is no folder into destination location, I want to create a folder and rename by the email address I provided on number 2( i.e. on message box).
6) If there is already exist a same file, I want to skip this process. For instance if someone send same invoice twice, I don't want to have two invoices into the destination folder which is "K:\AP".
7) I would like have a variable for location if it is going to use multiple times, it will be easy if in case I need to change the location in the future.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you.