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Thread: Lookup formula not returning the correct result

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    Lookup formula not returning the correct result

    Just fooling around with a Golf Handicap calculator and having trouble with a Lookup formula not returning the correct result. On sheet 1, the relevant hole numbers run C2: K2 and the variable value in C9 is the handicap value of the player. On sheet 2 are two named tables (tblMatchIndex and tblStokeIndex) which I use to return the handicap value per hole.

    In cell C11 I was trying to use the formula =VLOOKUP($C$9,tblStrokeIndex,Match(C$2,$C$2:$K$2,0),0) but this causes a returned value of 20 because the Match(C$2,$C$2:$K$2,0) is causing the lookup to look in Column 1 of the table (C$2 value is 1 representing the Hole#). It needs to look in Column 2 not Column 1.

    Tried Match((C$2+1),$C$2:$K$2,0) but this fails when reaching cell K2 with a #N/A error
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