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    Keeping Score


    I've made a very very simple quiz game in Powerpoint where each question slide has multiple choice options in the form of action buttons. I've assigned a hyperlink to each button which links it to either a 'correct' slide or a 'wrong' slide (each question slide has it's own correct/wrong slides with further information in relation to the question) The correct and wrong slides also have an action button hyperlinked to the next question slide.

    The issue I'm having is finishing the game off. Ideally I'd like the final slide after the last question to show the player's score. I'm having difficulty finding any resources to do this (I'm using Powerpoint for Mac 2011) as all tutorials seem to use a label option from the developer toolbar which isn't a feature on this version.

    I'm also mindful that my action buttons are already hyperlinked to other slides- I don't know if there's any way to make a button progress to a specific slide AND run a macro?

    Any guidance would be brilliant, or even if anyone could confirm is it's just impossible

    Thank you in advance

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    Hey there I am also very interested

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    It may be possible for someone here but it will take them a long time to build up the example you have set out in order to work on the solution.

    If you were able to create a mock version of the game and upload it here, the helpers (including myself) will be more likely to offer a solution.

    Are you able to upload a file?
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