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Thread: TIMESTAMPDIFF from one column (SQL Server)

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    VBAX Regular
    Aug 2022

    TIMESTAMPDIFF from one column (SQL Server)

    I'm new to SQL Server and i have question:
    Is it even possible to somehow use TIMESTAMPDIFF to calculate values from same column?
    I mean some kind of loop that will calculate
    TIMESTAMPDIFF(SECOND, Value.row1, Value.row2) and puts it in next column in row1.
    Table has variable amount of rows (usualy 20k+, depending on query details).

    Or any other idea how to calculate
    TIMESTAMPDIFF if each data is in separate row, like in this excel example:

    Now it's solved by feeding raw data into PowerBI/PowerQuery but it isnt perfect, not to mention tons of .csv/.xls files on shared disk and lack of those timestamps diff in SQL database

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    here is a demo.
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    VBAX Regular
    Aug 2022
    Yea, but this is just excel macro (or im missing something).
    I'm looking for a way to implement this on SQL Server database.
    I don't have access to this database on weekends, mybe on monday i will make some screens on how it looks right now in SQL.

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